Who We Are

Findcompany.capetown is a directory listing site that uses a search engine to find local businesses in your area. Not only to find businesses, but also to see more information, advertising, news and upcoming events for the businesses in your area.


Free Listing
Any business can be listed for free. It will show minimal detailed information with minimal keyword searches to the business
Detailed Listing

Detailed Listings will show more information, photos, and other details about the business and have more keyword searches to the business. Upcoming news, links to websites and facebook pages  

We can assist with advertising of your business service and products on our website. The advertising is also posted to our social media page. The duration of the advertising is one month
Marketing Campaigns
Customized marketing campaigns can be tailored specific to your business needs and can be from 3 months to 12 months.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create more B2B and B2C exposure for companies in the area with a directory service, advertising and marketing campaigns. With ongoing development we will later offer ecommerce services for companies to be able to increase their revenue. Our focus is service delivery and building long lasting partnerships with businesses and to assist with business growth and sustainability through marketing, advertising and business directory services
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